About Us

We all are adjusting to a new way of being in this world. The outbreak of COVID-19 has challenged the structures around us as well as our ability to deal with these changes. There is a lot of uncertainty about the disease, it’s spread and its impact on our lives. While everybody responds differently to such stressful situations, it does cause strong emotions in all of us. This fear and anxiety can be overwhelming to experience during this time and can leave us exhausted.

COVID Response aims to help us build a new collective perspective towards individual and community well-being.

We are a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers working towards increasing access to mental health. We understand the importance of physical and emotional safety to manage a crisis such as the COVID-19 that are surrounded by.

Our collective of mental health professionals who have all volunteered to dedicate a part of their daily life, apart from their full-time profession, to foster a safe space for you to seek support. We care and want to listen to your experiences as situations like the one we are experiencing evoke feelings which at times are hard to handle and deal with alone.

Choose to share your experiences and discuss with a trained expert your difficult feelings and challenges. We are just a click away!

Our Team

Mind Piper is a values-driven mental health organisation creating a positive impact through its 4C (Connection, Concept, Convenience, Cost) design approach of providing care to the vulnerable & disadvantaged population in India. Through its work with institutions, five counselling locations across Delhi-NCR along with online counselling support they’ve been working towards increasing the acceptance of mental health concerns, help-seeking behaviour, and caring with dignity & empathy for people to achieve their fullest potential. Mind Piper has positively impacted 7000+ lives in the last three years and is a part of the Social Startup Incubation Program at ACIIE, Ambedkar University Delhi- supported by Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

I Am is an organisation dedicated to providing healing and treatment to individuals who have experienced psychological trauma. With a vision to create a compassionate and trauma sensitive ecosystem, I Am comprises of a dynamic team of mental health professionals trained in working with vulnerable and at-risk population. I Am has reached out to over 6000 children and families and trained over 300 caregivers and mental health professionals.

SAHAY is a collective of mental health practitioners and community volunteers formed under support of Dr. Shirdi Prasad Tekur with experience of 30 years in crisis counseling across India, Bangladesh, Sri lanka. SAHAY is a SOCHARA initiative. SOCHARA – The Society for Community Health Awareness, Research and Action (SOCHARA) and its functional units have promoted a people-centred paradigm for health and development, envisioned through a community health movement and a community health approach to public health problems for two decades.