Impact of the CORONA VIRUS on the mental health of our people

The current Corona virus is having a profound impact on all our lives. The situation leaves us feeling trapped and helpless, and sometimes overwhelmed and unable to cope. These feelings may last for a long time afterwards.

While the situation requires isolation and not meeting your friends and family in order to prevent spread, quarantine and isolation can be traumatizing to many people including children and parents. A recent study urging timely mental health care for COVID-19 notes that people in isolation are likely to experience fear about the consequences of the virus, anxiety, insomnia and mental distress. While people in quarantine might experience boredom, loneliness, anger, anxiety and guilt about the effect of the virus and the stigma on family and friends.

It is essential to provide this mental health support to everyone in the country who feels extremely weak and tense at this point, as this situation has a negative effect on our functionality (biologically, psychologically and socially). Else there are huge chances that the current crisis situation can become a deep-rooted trauma and even get passed on to the future generation.

Our large group of therapists is specifically trained in crisis counselling to provide immediate and effective intervention to address all your current emotional and psychological needs.